Testimonial: “Becky’s the best!”

“I first started taking harp lessons from Becky in September 2000.  I switched to other teachers 7 years later when she moved from Hawaii to Oregon but became her student again four of years ago — via Skype!

I like taking lessons from Becky because . . .

— She encourages me to play music I like rather than just plow through one piece after another in a book of music.

— She teaches me about music and how it works, rather than my just playing the notes on the page.

— When I play a song she’ll often encourage me to compose my own variation, which gives me a sense of ownership of the piece.

— Many times she’s provide me with an interesting introduction and sometimes she suggests changes in the notation that makes the piece more interesting. And she’s composed a unique variation — just for me. (Ask her about The Foist Noel!)

— She introduced me to playing in public and with an ensemble. I currently play as a volunteer once a week at my local hospital.

What more can I say — Becky’s the best.”

-Marci Prins