Testimonial: “It seems like I am able to accomplish so much in a little time.”

“I have been a student of Becky Smith with the harp and now the piano for the last three years. I enjoy that Miss Becky is very understanding and makes my mistakes or forgetfulness seem minor and lighthearted. She encourages me to work harder and stronger out of my love and devotion to her as a person and not out of legality or fear.
Miss Becky also does a great job of taking a piece of music which seems difficult and overwhelming and breaks it down into bite-size pieces. She will have me begin with a scale in the same key signature as the song I’m about to play. Then she’ll have me play a few measures in the right hand. Then a few measures in the left-hand. And finally the same measures with hands together. It seems like I am able to accomplish so much in a little time.
As a person and friend, Miss Becky is very enjoyable. She is thoughtful and looks to see how she can be a help to her students. She figures out what motivates them and uses those motivating factors to encourage and persuade them to higher levels of musicality.  Stickers and occasional small portions of chocolate are a big reward for having accomplished a large task!
I recommend Miss Becky to all my friends that need a music teacher. In fact my other sister wants to learn the cello. I wonder if Miss Becky can teach her the cello?”
-Aubrielle  (age 11)