Kolea: an album of Hawaiian music

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This album was born out of my 10 years of living in the beautiful Islands of Hawaii. I heard these songs sung, saw many of them danced, heard people ask me to play them repeatedly and suddenly one year realized that I had more than enough of these favorites to gather into an album. All the songs are played on solo lever harp. Favorites that work on the pedal harp will have their day later!

The title of both the album and the title track was inspired by a migratory shorebird, named “kolea” (pronounced “ko-LAY-uh”) by the Hawaiians, and otherwise known as the Golden Plover. These birds migrate from Alaska to pass the winter in Hawaii, often returning to the very same patch of lawn or shore. They hang out during the winter months in their muted but still lovely golden plumage, until in the spring the males take on their striking “tuxedo” markings of black and white, and everyone flies back north to Alaska to raise a family.

That back and forth journey reminded me of our journeys between Hawaii and Oregon.